Of the nsula moodle  various theories of leadership at the top, www.searscard.com it is known that certain theories of leadership will greatly influence the leadership style (Leadership Style), the leader who perform the function of leadership with all philosophies, skills and attitude. Leadership style is the way a pemimpan behave, communicate, and interact with others in influencing people to do sesuatu. www.searscard.com Gaya can be different - depending on the basis of motivation, power or orientation towards a particular task or person. Among some of the styles of leadership, there are positive and negative leaders, where the difference was based on the way and their efforts to motivate employees. If the approach in the provision of motivation focused on rewards or reward (both economic and non-economic) berartitelah used a positive leadership style. Conversely, if the approach emphasizes the penalty or punishment, meaning he is applying negative leadership style. This second approach can menghasilakan received achievement in many situations, but cause human losses.

In addition to the above leadership styles there are other styles. ü Autocratic Leadership like this method of power approach in reaching decisions and development structure. Very dominant power used. Concentrate power and decision-making for himself, and managing complicated work situations for employees that would do anything that was ordered. This leadership is generally negative, which is based on threats and punishment. However, there are also some benefits of which enables fast decision making and enable efficient use of employees who are less competent.